Beet SuperFood Powders

Beet SuperFood Powders

Beet SuperFood Powder Boosts your body's nitric oxide level keeping your blood pressure at a healthy state. Boosts your energy and supports better cardiovascular health.


Customer Testimonial:  "Dear Beet Lady - THANK YOU! My hubby loves this product and never goes a day w/o it. He is 63 and is a movie theater mgr, which means very odd hours, some 18 hour days (sometimes working 7 days a week) and on his feet constantly. He has seen a definite difference in his energy level after a month of using your powdered beet product every day. He just had me place a double order - he never wants to be without it!"

"Your beet powders have made a huge difference in my cholesterol numbers. From 374 last year to 213 this year. Thank you so much!" Denise H.

Customer Testimonial:  "Hubby had to have a series of MRI's with contrast while in the hospital last summer. He also had impaired liver function due to an infection. I put him on a daily double-dose of the beet powder as well as whole food vitamin C and his liver function stabilized, then slowly improved. If it were me, I'd sure do the double dose of beet powder daily to help your liver detox."  K. Hall

Customer Testimonial:  "I have learned a whole lot from you Karen! More than my FM doc! For about 4 years, I was getting bronchitis over and over again and being on antibiotics like crazy, not knowing that it was doing damage to my liver! I see a lot of improvement since taking the beet powder! " Charlotte A.

Customer Testimonial:  "My ALT and AST numbers went from the 130s to low 20s. Thank you for an excellent product and all the very useful health information! I couldn't be happier! (The test for (AST) is usually used to detect liver damage. It is ordered in conjunction with another liver enzyme, (ALT), as part of a liver panel to screen for and/or help diagnose liver disorders.) Emily L.

  • "I love the powders. I believe they have lowered my BP which is the main reason I use them.
  • Thanks for a great product!"  Jan D.


Beet SuperFood Is A Powerful Whole Food Supplement With Wide-Ranging Health Benefits.  The Ingredients Are Organic And Derived From Real Whole Food.

Beets: One of the most common and effective natural liver detoxifiers.  They have been used to fight liver toxins and to increase the overall level of health of individuals for many years, and they can be easily integrated into one`s diet to keep the liver working at an optimal level.
Whole Food Fruits:  Each fruit has a myriad of health constituents that boost immunity, deliver vitamins and minerals to the cells and have a whole host of healing properties.
Malic Acid: Malic Acid treats maladies and enhances overall health. It is helpful for conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and even oral hygiene by stimulating saliva production and killing bad bacteria in the mouth. Malic Acid boosts energy, reduces pain, promotes skin health. It benefits digestion, detoxification, and weight. Malic Acid dissolves sludge in the liver that causes congestion.
 Green Leaf Stevia:  Stevia has many health benefits. Experiments have shown it can promote normal blood sugar metabolism by enhancing insulin secretion and lowering glucose levels This is good news for diabetics. It promotes weight loss and blood pressure lowering Stevia reduces bacterial formation in the mouth, thus preventing cavities and gingivitis.  Stevia also has cancer prevention and bone health promoting properties. Its phenolic content provides an antioxidant and immune system supporting effect. (This is NOT the white processed Stevia you buy in the stores).


Beets, Your Favorite Superfood

If it wasn’t for their luscious telltale color, beets would be a culinary chameleon. Their versatility is endless when it comes to cooking. The best part is that they also happen to be amazing for you. For vascular health and performance, many people are turning to beets because of their nitrates which convert into nitric oxide in the body. This can be helpful for not only athletic performance but for lowering blood pressure.

The dark pigments in beets (which give them their color) is largely responsible for helping the body excrete toxins that are bound to other molecules. This is why they are also considered an excellent detox food. Not to be overlooked are the beet greens as well. Beets are nutrient-dense and contain more iron than spinach.

When it comes to cooking, people can be easily intimidated by beets, but don’t be! They are quite easy to use raw or cooked and can also be a very simple crop to grow in your home garden.

BEETS are rich in phytonutrients. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities and support detoxification. BEETS are an excellent food for people with the MTHFR gene mutation because they are rich in folate and betaine, which help to break down homocysteine, giving MTHFR positive people a natural alteration to the gene mutation. Eat BEETS every day.

MALIC ACID is an organic compound found in fruits and is an ingredient in Beet SuperFood.  The benefits of malic acid are considerable for those who wish to develop or maintain a healthy liver. Many people use malic acid to treat maladies and enhance overall health. 

Some of the benefits of malic acid on the liver are, it 
is an effective metal chelator, which means it is capable of binding to toxic metals that may have accumulated in the liver or other parts of the body, such as aluminum or lead, and inactivating them, considerably reducing the risk of toxicity.  Malic acid softens even the crumbliest cholesterol gallstones for smooth passage in liver cleansing. About 80 percent of all gallstones are said to be cholesterol stones. Malic Acid dissolves liver stones and gallstones and allows for more bile production and bile flow, which in turn lowers the amount of cholesterol and fat in the liver and elsewhere in the body. The production of bile is the main way through which fat and cholesterol are eliminated from the body, and an increase of bile will help reverse fatty liver disease. Cleansing the liver and gallbladder using malic acid helps to restore homeostasis, balance weight and set the precondition for the liver and the rest of the body to heal itself. Using aT liver flush involving malic acid is also one of the best precautionary measures you can take to protect yourself against nearly every kind of illness, including those involving the liver. 


Available In:  Cherry, Apple,  Banana,

Pineapple, Cranberry, Strawberry, Mango, BlueBerry, Chocolate.



"Just 1-Scoop a day of Beet SuperFood. That's all it took to lower my Blood Pressure from 128/67 to 114/61." Cecily B., Colorado

"My daughter starting taking my Beet SuperFood when she started having high blood pressure and was experiencing terrible side effects from the medicines she was prescribed. She didn't really think it would work, but she felt desperate to find some alternative. She found that it lowered her blood pressure within minutes of taking it each time. She has been successful in getting off of all the medications except one, and she is in the process of scaling off of it too." Bea A., Texas

"Been using beet powder for about three months. Today my blood pressure was significantly lower at the doctor!" Tammy S., California 

"Everyone likes to hear good news, right? Here's words straight from my doctor's mouth this afternoon: you, Rhonda, are lucky to have found someone like her ( Karen Fitzpatrick Dame ) and try to find a natural way of supplements and eating to heal your body. I'm (doc) glad to see you off that bad medicine and really impressed with how much you have healed your liver, kidney and digestive tract (as shown by lab work). Keep doing what you are doing and we'll maybe see you in a year if you still need us, or call anytime if you have concerns or questions. So, kudos to this group (Iodine and Thyroid Healing Solutions) and Karen especially. This is one specialist I can knock off my list and work harder to addresing other issues. In 2016, I had severe debilitating brain fog and fatigue. Early in 2017 I began using Beet Superfood, brain fog is virtually GONE (yay) and fatigue was improved by 80%. All of my blood tests, etc. show 1000% improvement in my liver and kidney function too!  Rhonda E.


"LOVING THE POWDERS! Already have more energy!!!" Suzi T.