Golden and Original Beet Ketchup - 2-Bottle Value Pack

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"Golden" Beet Ketchup


"Original" Beet Ketchup


GOLDEN BEETS can vary in sweetness; they tend to be a bit sweeter and taste a little less earthy and more mellow in intensity than Red Beets. Thanks to its beautiful yellow color, Golden Beets can brighten up any food dish and look marvelous in all kinds of salads. This humble root vegetable is a welcomed contributor to our plates as we continue to eat the colors of the rainbow each and every day.



Their flavor is sweet, rich, hearty and earthy.  A powerhouse of antioxidants and health benefits that include, lowering blood pressure, liver cleansing, improving circulation and cardiovascular health while lowering homocysteine.  Beets are anti-inflammatory and high in vitamins A, B and C, rich in Potassium, Iron, Folate and Manganese.


Customer Testimonials

Meryl B. From Florida:  "Just used my new bottle of golden beet ketchup and it is awesome! Love it! I love the red beet ketchup too, but the golden one is different and wonderful!"

Robert From Tucson: "Hi Beet Lady. It was odd to see purple ketchup at first but easy to get used to once I found out it tastes better than my old Heinz stuff!"

Linda From Michigan:  "I am so very happy I found you and your ketchup. I really missed that since I changed my eating lifestyle. I love it so much. And thank you for getting it here to me so fast. I was wishing I had ordered it earlier and have it for Thanksgiving! And there it was yesterday at the Post Office., That is great service. Do you have any bigger sizes available? I like it that much. I’m going to place another order so I’m sure to have enough. Thank you so much!"

Evelyn From California: "We really like our Beet kinda of like a high end Napa Valley type dipping sauce for certain things. If you like your roasted Meats to have a little change for the better and aren't supposed to eat a lot of salt, this really is a great product. Much nicer than plain old tomato ketchup.....! Young folks like Beet ketchup also, its got just the right amount of a good blend of awesomeness."

Cheryl From Florida:  "I received my shipment of The Beet Lady Organic Beet Ketchup. I find it to be tangy, delicious, and usable as a sauce or in recipes ...and with health benefits too! Great gifts too! Thank You so very much, Karen, for your delightful product!"

Sherry From New York:  "Loved the beet ketchup Karen! Would love to order the golden ketchup too!"

Arlene From Georgia:  "OMG!  It is so yummy!!!!"

Joshua Rosenthal, President, Institute For Integrative Nutrition: "Congratulations, Karen.  I just tried some and it tastes great!"

Leanne From Wyoming:  "I L.O.V.E. mine! I had some on a bison burger with melted raw sharp cheddar, and I flipped over it! Way better than regular ketchup. The little zing is out of this world with flavor! Thanks for making such a great product!"

Judy From North Carolina:  "Karen ......I LOVE the beet ketchup! It is so delicious.....tangy and sweet at the same time. I put it on veggie burgers and also threw some in a 3 bean and apple casserole I make. It was delicious and got rave reviews. I have shared 2 bottles with friends who were very excited to try it. And it is healthy! Yay! Just looking at it makes you feel healthy! Thanks so much for developing this product. And I love your label!


"Great stuff, adds some different flavors to Paleo AIP :) 5-Stars!"

"I absolutely fell in love with this product at first taste! 5-Stars! "

"Excellent product, just love it!"

"Excellent product! This tastes amazing and so wonderful for me that I can have this product as I can not have regular ketchup due to food sensitivities. LOVE it!"

"One Less Thing I Have to Create from Scratch."

"What a relief to find this excellent product."

"We all loved it. I'm excited to try it in recipes ..."

"I ordered 2 bottles of Beet Ketchup from the Beet Lady to try as an alternative to the ketchup my family has been using. Once it arrived we tried it with a meatloaf we had for dinner that evening. It was delicious! The entire family used it, including Nana, and we all loved it. I'm excited to try it in recipes and with other meals, especially the cranberry which is offered at Thanksgiving to serve along with the turkey."



Ingredients:  Love, Beets, Wine Vinegar, Onions, Garlic, Filtered Beet Water, Coconut Sugar

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