Cold and Flu Remedies

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Cold and Flu Remedies

Beet SuperFood Elderberry and  Real Vitamin C

The days are getting shorter and the temps are getting colder. While you're excited to gear up for the holidays, it also means cold and flu season is upon us! If you feel the sniffles coming on, here are a few natural remedies to strengthen your immune system, prevent colds and flu and shorten the duration while minimizing the symptoms if you already have one. These remedies will get your energy levels back to normal and help you recover quickly. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest, and stay warm!


Beet SuperFood Elderberry:

When symptoms of a cold or flu arise, natural healers and health conscious individuals turn to the elderberry to work its magic on stubborn viruses. Known for their medicinal properties, they provide effective defense against ailments like coughs, colds, and bronchitis, and can relieve allergies and hay fever, soothe a sore throat, combat sinusitis, and lower a fever.   Talk about a miracle berry!  Beets help with congestion and immune strengthening.  Use it in your tea, your smoothie, or in a glass of water.

Real Vitamin C:

Another great way to boost the immune system is by increasing your intake of vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid is NOT Vitamin C, you need the real thing, Vitamin C derived from whole organic food.  The Beet Lady Real Vitamin C is just that and has more than 65 times the amount foundof Vitamin C than oranges and 35 times more than Camu Camu! This powder can be easily added to a delicious smoothie or mixed into a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and fresh ginger. Or, it can be mixed with the Beet SuperFood Elderberry for an added cold and flu-fighting benefit.

Used Together, These Remedies Will Keep Your Immune System Strong, While Preventing You From Getting Sick



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