Hemp Oil Capsules

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Hemp Oil Capsules

Organic, Non-GMO, High-Quality Full Spectrum Hemp

15mg Full Spectrum High-Quality Hemp Oil (450mg)
Amount of servings:
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1 Veggie Cap
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Other Ingredients: Coconut MCT Oil, Filtered European Industrial Grade A Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Vegetarian Capsules (Vegetable Cellulose, Purified Water), and Silica.

This bottle contains 30 Vegetarian Capsules (15mg Hemp Oil per capsule) of Raw-Unflavored Filtered High Grade Hemp Oil.


 High Grade Hemp Oil Vegetarian Capsules (15mg per capsule) of Raw Filtered High Grade Hemp Oil.  The High Grade Hemp  Oil is derived from Grade-A European Industrial Hemp plants with a high content. The Hemp used is grown organically, all-natural and extracted using Supercritical (cold) CO2 fluid extraction.  High Grade Hemp Oil is a wholesome extract, not synthetic and not an isolate. It contains a variety of valuable phytonutrients, essential oils and other compounds found in the original plant. All Natural & Organic Hemp Supercritical CO2 (cold) Extract Tincture


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Some of the other natural molecules include Terpenoids (Terpenes), Flavanoids, Alkanes, Nitrogenous compounds, Amino acids, Sugars, Aldehydes, Ketones, Glycosides, Vitamins, Pigments, and water.

Hemp Oil extract is a compound found in the Hemp plant that holds the key to the wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic health benefits.  It is used for medicinal purposes and derived from the Hemp plant.  

For Pain Management

Hemp Oil is quickly becoming the go-to alternative to dangerous and addictive prescription painkillers, like the opioids that are causing an epidemic of overdose deaths in the United States.  Hemp Oil is a potent pain reliever. 2015 saw the most important study to uncover the pain-relieving effects of Hemp Oil. In that study, researchers compared cannabidiol to morphine. To their surprise, Hemp Oil worked well in combination with morphine and counteracted the latter’s risky side effects. This means Hemp Oil can help treat acute pain conditions, along with more long-term benefits.

For Menopause Symptoms

Hot flashes are again the most common complaint associated with menopause but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. A women’s hormones are decreasing, which can cause a number of side effects including bone loss. For these reasons, doctors are quick to prescribe hormone replacement therapy, (HRT). But many women are not candidates for HRT.  A decrease in bone loss is one of the main reasons physicians prescribe primarily estrogen replacement therapy. But here is the good news,  Hemp Oil has proven to be an alternative for stopping bone loss. It has actually also proven to help with bone regrowth. Some researchers are claiming that it might even be able to prevent osteoporosis after menopause. if you believe hormone replacement drugs are good for you then you may also want to take Hemp Oil to possibly reduce your risk of breast cancer associated with it. Hemp Oil has been shown to kill breast cancer cells while avoiding healthy cells in the body. Hemp Oil does boost serotonin which can lower body temperature and this may be why Hemp Oil works for hot flashes. Women who can not or choose not to take hormone replacement medication are often prescribed non hormonal prescription drugs such as Prozac, Effexor and Gabapentin. Hemp Oil according to at least one source can possibly be used to replace these drugs. Here’ s more good news. Hemp Oil has no side effects and has no drug interactions and you can not overdose on it.

Is An Effective Anti-Inflammatory

Hemp Oil is widely-valued as a treatment for inflammation. It has some very special anti-inflammatory properties. Specifically, constituents bind with the body's system to produce a response that reduces nerve inflammation. This is another of its “neuroprotective” qualities and a major reason why Hemp Oil is such an effective treatment for neurological diseases.

For Mood Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects nearly 8 percent of all American’s during their lifetime. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from it. Finding an affordable, safe, and reliable treatment for PTSD would profoundly impact the lives of millions of Americans every year. To that end, a pathbreaking 2013 study found that cannabidiol improved people’s abilities to forget their traumatic memories. These findings are incredibly important and could be relevant for figuring out how Hemp Oil can treat other anxiety and stress disorders.

For Sleep

Research indicates that the calming effects of Hemp Oil can increase overall sleep amounts, reduce sleep difficulties (trouble falling asleep), improve sleep quality, and reduce insomnia. As of now, researchers understand that sleep is divided into multiple cycles with different phases, and it is generally regarded that Hemp oil increases sleep in the third phase, which is the “deep sleep” phase. Furthermore, it has been shown that Hemp Oil decreases the duration of REM sleep, which is a phase of light sleep and is also the phase where dreams occur. By reducing REM sleep, people dream less (meaning better quality sleep), their memory may be improved, and symptoms of depression may be decreased. All of these factors can potentially lend to a natural, much-improved state of quality sleep.

For Weight Loss

One reason Hemp Oil is so helpful with weight loss is it actually stimulates the release of toxins from our body. Often, these toxins are what prevents weight loss from occurring. In addition, a study published in the May 2016 issue of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry found Hemp Oil plays a powerful role in the process, “fat browning.” Researchers studied the effects of Hemp Oil on preadipocytes, immature fat cells. The goal of the study was to explore Hemp Oil's potential in treating and preventing obesity.

Through this study, researchers concluded Hemp Oil assists with:

-Stimulating fat genes and proteins that encourage the breakdown and oxidation of fat.

-Boosting the number and the activity level of mitochondria in the body’s cells. This, in turn, helps the body burn more calories.

-Decreasing the expression of proteins involved in lipogenesis, the generation of fat cells.

These findings are a collective result of Hemp Oil's ability to induce fat browning, the process of converting white-colored fat tissue (WAT-white adipose tissue) into beige-colored fat tissue (BAT-brown and beige adipose tissue). While white-colored fat is known to store energy, beige-colored fat burns it.


Hemp Oil is capable of fighting back against the most serious diseases, while also gentle enough to be a part of a daily health regimen, cannabidiol is truly one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world.

Other Health Conditions Hemp Oil Can Be Helpful For:



FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL/SUPER CRITICAL EXTRACTION: High Grade  Rich Hemp Oil contains the Highest Quality  because it’s formulated using a wide array of cutting-edge technologies including but not limited Super Critical Extraction Process (CO2), Isolation, and Micron Filtration. Supercritical extraction is the gentlest approach and the key method in the extraction, resulting in a product of the highest quality. The method exploits the fact that CO2 at low temperature and under high pressure becomes liquid and thereby draws the health constituents and terpenes from the plant material. These low temperatures thru the extraction process preserve a broad spectrum of valuable & beneficial molecules that are often lost using other extraction methods. With this gentle method it permits for the production of the purest Rich Hemp Oil while conserving all the other valuable & beneficial molecules that are original in the hemp plant.

Other competitors and companies use certain methods for extracting Hemp including toxic solvents and or high heat which are unsustainable, dangerous and don’t extract the full balance of nutrients from the Industrial Hemp plant. One of the most popular processes used to extract Hemp Oils is alcohol extraction. It’s popular because it’s easy and cheap, not because it is the best. More importantly, this means they can’t always be fully separated from the end product and therefore they can be contaminated, un-pure and not clean. The Alcohol extraction used by other companies and our competitors requires the Hemp/Alcohol mixture to be boiled for long periods of time. The heat can not only damage sensitive nutrients but it can cause many volatile oils to be evaporated out of the mixture. Therefore you end up with an oil that may have been damaged and might be lacking some important components required for the correct synergy.

On the other hand the method that is used with our Rich Hemp Oil, Super Critical Fluid extraction (CO2), is a safe, sustainable and far superior process which extracts the full spectrum of nutrients at cold temperatures. Using state of the art equipment, harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used and compress to upwards of 10,000 psi. At these extremes CO2 becomes ‘super critical’ where it retains the properties of both a liquid and a gas at the same time. It’s also very cold so it doesn’t harm any heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamins, enzymes or nutrients. This super critical fluid is an exceptional non-toxic solvent. When added to the nutrient rich Hemp it fully releases the complete wealth of phytonutrients. The CO2 is then free and recycled leaving an intense, healthy and totally pure extract that is more easily digested. ETST All Natural High Grade Rich Hemp Oil does not contain any synthetics and is not an isolate. It contains everything that is naturally occurring in the original Industrial Hemp plant. With our superior quality Rich Hemp Oil you benefit from the safety and synergistic interaction of phytonutrients in their balanced wide-ranging form that many scientists believe offers the most benefit for overall wellness.


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