Whole Food Binder & Drainage (Food Medicine)

$ 29.95

Whole Food Binder

Mold illness, Lyme disease, Parasitic infections and other health conditions can disrupt the digestive system creating chronic constipation.  When that happens, traditional binders cannot be used because they worsen constipation.  Whole Food Binder is a blend of foods that are superior at binding metals, pathogens, toxins and escorting them out of the body while relieving constipation, cleaning the GI system and clearing organs. 
Whole Food Binder delivers the perfect balance of constipation relieving foods that improve digestion, elimination and naturally bind pathogens to help your body eliminate them.  

Ingredients:  Beetroot, Broccoli Sprout, Wild BlueBerry, Dandelion (pre-binder).

*Pair Whole Food Binder With Whole Food Drainage for the best results. 

Both are also available at:

Drainage Whole Food Blend

Whole Food organic blend opens your drainage pathways for effective detoxification and elimination of pathogens.  Keeps organs and pathways clean and clear. Improves constipation and elimination. Food As Medicine.

Ingredients:  Whole Food Blend of Orange, Banana, Kale, Broccoli, Dandelion Greens.

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