The Beet Lady LEMON DROP Beet Food Nutritional Therapy powder blended with real fruit. Organic, plant-based, non-GMO. 6 oz

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"Lemon Drop"

Nature Is So Smart, It Put The Medicine In The Food!

Lemons and Beets Are a great source of Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals needed for achieving optimal health and helping the body run better.
Lemons and Beets Boost the immune system, improve skin health by promoting collagen production and because they have astringent properties they reduce oiliness and acne.
Lemons and Beets Aid in improving digestion and elimination and help to assimilate nutrients from food by increasing the production of stomach acid. They reduce bloating!
Lemons and Beets Are great for cleaning, detoxifying and flushing the liver and kidneys, they neutralize bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. 
Lemons and Beets Improve heart health and reduce the risk of certain cancers.  
Lemons and Beets Are Fantastic for Adrenal Health!  Not just the juice, but the 'whole' lemon - juice, peel and rind!  Using the whole fruit is an amazing tonic for your adrenal glands because when you do, you are getting 10 times more nutrients, than just using the juice or flesh.  They are incredibly supportive to the adrenals and anti-inflammatory and detoxifying to the whole body.