Life’s Healthiest LLC offers international shipping to select countries outside of the USA.  
International customers shipping to locations outside of the USA are required to understand and agree that:
  • All product sales are final and no refunds are offered.  
  • If the product they ordered is damaged in transit a refund or replacement will not be offered.  The customer assumes all risk.
  • The price charged includes the product and shipping cost only.  Customers will be charged an additional fee by their local government for in-country “Customs and Duty Fees” upon delivery of their order. 
  • The delivery time for orders is usually under two weeks, but may be as long as four to six weeks due to delays in local customs processing, even though when checking out the shipping service selected generally shows delivery times under ten days.   
  • Certain specialty supplements may take 7-10 days longer to depart due to sourcing time in the USA.
  • A tracking number will be issued for the order, however international shipment tracking is often not updated and should not be considered reliable.
Customs and Duty Fees are based on the order total price and vary greatly by country ranging from 5% to 30% of the purchase price.  The customer will be required to pay this amount directly to their local delivery service.  Life’s Healthiest LLC is not involved in the collection of Customs and Duty Fees and does not receive the funds.  Customers agree that if they refuse to pay their local Customs and Duty Fees to receive their ordered product that a refund of the purchase price will not be offered.