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Nature Is So Smart, It Put The Medicine In The Food!

Beet SuperFood Blends and Good Food Medicine Blends are a great way to increase nutrient intake and fill dietary voids. Since they are already macerated they are not taxing on the digestive system. Because they are in powder form and you mix them in liquids or smoothies, it makes the nutrients highly bioavailable, which means that nutrients reach your bloodstream quickly and are absorbed faster than eating fruits and vegetables in whole food form.

Real Vitamin C is derived from whole food and blends both the flesh and pulp of non-citrus fruit which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Flesh and Pulp contain a wide range of health benefits. Whole food bioflavonoids are added for best absorption. Real Vitamin C from whole food is 100% recognized, absorbed and utilized by the body, unlike ascorbic acid which is only 10% absorbable.